Kevion Devante`

Kevion Devanté, is a multidisciplinary artist and pioneer of the soul born & raised in

the Mississippi Delta. He is “InnerG” in motion & his presence has its own kind of

sound. He is skilled in the areas of biological sciences, media/photography, modeling,

music, yoga and beyond! Coming from the birthplace and a family of music; his craft

paved the way for his educational success in higher education. He studied abroad via the

HBCU of Mississippi Valley State and has spoken in educational scientific conferences

in both the U.S. and Kazakhstan regarding agricultural & ecological issues in both

countries. While overseas he began deeper independent studies in the metaphysics of

sound/vibration and other sacred ancient arts.

During his studies here in Georgia at LIFE University, this yogi decided to further pursue

the opportunity to artistically express his realization of this connectivity within the realms of

science & spirituality in southern local communities like no other when he realized how

much “LIFE” he was already serving at a very high capacity! Kevion helped Touré curate

Shamanic Sunday Service ™ by way of his “Livin InnerG” yoga company.

For Kevion, it’s all about the balance of LIFE. He currently lives “Home in the Woods” in

Mississippi working as a CTE Diversified Agriculture Educator in the local Delta

districts. One of his many duties being back in his home state is to bring about the seeds

to “Grow Change” in one of America’s poorest, richest environments. His teachings

focus on providing an opportunity for students to explore the different fields of the

agricultural sciences and develop foundational skills and knowledge needed for

advancement in ecology, plants, animals, technological mechanization, business and


At the core of his spirituality, he is grounded in his faith as a Naturist growing up in

southern Baptist culture: his yogic philosophy is “from the GROUND UP.” Kevion

frequently orchestrates sound immersion therapies for his client’s using the practice of

Crystal Reiki. He uses what he calls, ‘melodies of tonality’ to attune the chakras and the

body’s structure integrity via techniques of psychoacoustics & vibratory brainwave



“Be HEALth, in Order to Center the Love Within Self. It is the YOU, who make living worthwhile.” – K.D.


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