Creative Arts & Yoga For The Fam | Family & Spirituality

Think summer camp, but the purpose is to deepen familial connection through the arts. Gerontologist and Yoga Instructor Calina Clark has cultivated a space for families to explore their inner artist together. Inspired by the book The Artist’s Way, Calina is opening up space to nurture interconnectedness among children and their parents and grandparents through various forms of art & creativity! 

After some time exploring the chosen mode of artistic expression, you will be guided through the relaxing and restorative art of movement that is yoga asana. Don’t worry, this will be a mindful practice, catered to everyone’s body and pace.

Grandparents and parents are encouraged to join your children for this creativity explosion!

Bring your mats, dress comfortably, and free your mind of all expectations! This will be a new experience for everyone 💚

*This is a yoga studio, so mats and all things necessary are provided.

Tickets are available for purchase on eventbrite: $10-$25


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