Brooklyn Young

Based in Atlanta, GA, Brooklyn is a certified Crystal Usui Reiki practitioner and has over 200 hours of yoga training in Hatha, Kundalini and Ayurvedic practices, and Kids yoga!

Her spiritual awakening began when she decided to use holistic modalities versus traditional Western medicine to overcome a chronic autoimmune condition. While consuming more energizing, alkaline foods Spirit of Compassion/Creator revealed to her the keys or missing links to self-healing. Through alignment of the energetic wheels, also known as chakras, she discovered we are able to achieve intense concentration (samadhi) which allows us to tune into our Highest vibration thus moving us out of our own way (ego) and onto the path of bliss and/or healing. By blending the foundations of Hatha and breathing techniques of Kundalini, classes are geared toward uncovering the bliss of marrying movement with breath (prana) and noticing how this life force energy travels through us.

Brooklyn is gifted in holding sacred space for those ready to transmute old ways of being and heal physical illness and/or emotional traumas. It is her belief that once samadhi is obtained we are able reprogram the subconscious mind which is our true self (sat nam) thus being a light in the world to heal ourselves and others.