Tej Nampreet Kaur


Tej Nampreet Kaur is an artist, holistic healer, educator, and Kundalini yoga and meditation instructor passionate lover of spreading loving energy and with her calming voice can bring peace within you. She has been doing yoga since 2012 but, decided to expand herself to meet her truest self through Kundalini that she was calling to find her for a few years. Then it found her and after her first 40 days practice she knew she knew the home within herself should be expanded to all beings around her. She believes everyone is moving energy and are experiences of growth in everyway for themselves and others. She is heavy on trusting within community to help build strong relationships amongst people for the loving support we all need to thrive within this world.

She has formed a strong link between the mind, body and spirit throughout the different life experiences. Those life experiences from Kundalini and her use of artistic expression had brought her to a place of healing, strengthen her three pillars to life that she could not even imagine. Kundalini has truly showed me how strong and resilient I can be it truly help me step into my highest self and has also gotten me through some difficult times. As she continues on this journey she invites others to join her on the journey of Kundalini yoga to continue to unlock our highest self.

As she started this spiritual journey in 2012 she has gone through great lengths to work on self so she continue to uplift others in many ways than one. Her art expands on the containers she creates as we are every changing humans on this earth and her mission to open everyone’s hearts to an expansion of unfolding of life but being able to ride the wave with no fear intact within a sacred space of support.