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Explore Different Types of Yoga

Did you know there are many different types of yoga? In fact, yoga goes far beyond the typical poses most people associate with the practice. No matter your age, physique or level of flexibility, there’s a type of yoga that can suit your body and individual needs. Southwest Yoga Atlanta offers vinyasa, yin, hatha, kemetic and more with new instructors and yoga styles being added all the time. Keep reading to learn about some of our most popular types of yoga.

Hatha Yoga

This is one of the most common types of yoga and perfect for beginners. Hatha is an umbrella term that encompasses the general postures and breathing of all yoga styles. A typical hatha class may include classical yoga postures and breathing exercises that can help students build a strong foundation for more challenging practices. Learn more about hatha yoga.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa is another one of the athletic yoga styles, which blends yogic movements into routines – or “flows” – that build strength and range of motion. Movements are punctuated with sun salutations and vinyasas – a set of transitional poses that are repeated throughout the class. A typical vinyasa class involves postures that move seamlessly from one into another, coordinated with the breath. Learn more about vinyasa yoga.

Mysore Yoga

Despite its name, MySore yoga will leave your body feeling invigorated. Named after the Indian town where this style of yoga is rooted, MySore is rooted in individual learning. Students are taught postures one-on-one within the class, with emphasis on proper breathing and movement. Each student has time to perfect their form before moving on, in an environment that promotes individual discovery. A typical MySore class will involve students going at various paces, with gentle instruction from the teacher. Learn more about Mysore yoga classes.

Kemetic Yoga

Based on the concepts of breath and motion as self-healing mechanisms, kemetic yoga has become very popular in recent years. Kemetic yoga has its roots in ancient Egypt, where this practices of physical movements with controlled deep breathing was associated with relieving everything from stress to poor circulation. A typical class will feature geometric-inspired movements with emphasis on Rule of Four Breathing. Learn more about kemetic yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga

Perfect for the student that likes structure, ashtanga is a powerful yoga style that emphasizes precise poses and physical awareness. Instructors teach a series of postures linked by a transitional sequence called a vinyasa. Students are encouraged to perfect one series before moving to the next one, building discipline and prowess in their practice. A typical class will involve swift movements with controlled breathing. Learn more about ashtanga yoga.

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