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What is Mysore Yoga?

If you’ve ever wanted a one-on-one yoga practice – but didn’t have a one-on-one budget – Mysore yoga classes may be right for you. Rather than a specific yoga type, Mysore yoga is best described as a style of yoga teaching in which students are in a single class, but progressing at their own pace. It enables you to get instruction, while learning and growing as it feels right to you and your body. Intrigued? Keep reading to get the low down on Mysore yoga classes.

Understanding Mysore Yoga

Unlike yin or hatha, Mysore yoga isn’t a type of yoga. Instead, Mysore is a style of teaching yoga named for a city in India where this method was popularized. Mysore exists within the Ashtanga yoga tradition, which means it focuses on six series of specific yoga poses. In Mysore yoga, the instructor details a sequence of postures. Students are then allowed to work on the sequence through the class at their own speed. Fans of this style say it allows for more gradual improvement when practiced regularly.

What to Expect in a Mysore Yoga Class

Mysore is rooted in the Ashtanga tradition, which emphasizes synchronized breath and movement connected by transitional postures into a flowing routine. A Mysore yoga class will include initial instruction on a particular sequence. Students will then be given time to work on perfecting the sequence through repetition while the instructor goes around the room providing gentle adjustments. Sequences are challenging but not overly athletic. Expect emphasis on precision and perfecting the movements over time.

Is Mysore Yoga Right For Me?

While traditional instructor-led yoga works for many students, others may find it hard to keep up or feel intimidated. Mysore yoga can be the perfect remedy, enabling you to practice together with other yogis while enjoying an individualized practice. Mysore is ideal for the beginner looking to gain inspiration from other yogis without feeling any pressure or the seasoned yogi who wants a personalized experience. Ready to give it a try? Check out some of our Mysore yoga classes.