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What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Modern and full of movement, vinyasa yoga is a style that’s gained popularity as a full body workout. What is vinyasa yoga? If you’re wondering how vinyasa yoga works and what makes this style popular with everyone from Adam Levine to Drew Barrymore, you’re in luck. Keep reading to learn how this flowing, movement-filled yoga can strengthen both mind and body.

The Meaning of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is best described as “breath synchronised movement.” Vinyasa practice includes postures aligned with breathing and connected to one another by transitions – or “vinyasas” – that create cohesive body movement. That continuous, almost water-like movement is why people also call it flow yoga. Unlike more fixed yoga styles such as bikram, which encourages repetition of one set of movements, vinyasa yoga classes tend to be more creative and even playful.

What to Expect in a Vinyasa Yoga Class

Fans of this style love that no two vinyasa yoga classes are alike, with instructors frequently mixing up sequences to challenge students in new ways. The level of physicality in a vinyasa class can be very dependent on the instructor, with some emphasizing postures focused on flexibility and balance, while others push students with harder balancing poses. Whatever your teacher’s style, expect a flow yoga class to include the traditional vinyasa transitional sequence – chaturanga, updog and down dog – between postures.

Should I Take a Vinyasa Class?

Known for building heat, stamina and durability, vinyasa yoga is a highly physical style ideal for students looking to improve fitness. While asanas can be challenging, teachers typically offer different versions of the same pose, enabling both newbies and advanced yogis to enjoy the same flow yoga class. If you’re looking for a practice that’s strenuous and fun, vinyasa yoga is a good choice. First-time students and those interested in a slower, more restful practice may want to try more restorative yoga styles.

Flow yoga is a joyful practice with something to offer every student. Ready to give it a try? Sign up for one of our vinyasa yoga classes today!

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