Meet Our Yoga Instructors

The cornerstone of a strong yoga practice is a strong instructor, and at Southwest Atlanta Yoga, we offer some of Atlanta’s finest. We are proud of our dedicated and gifted yoga instructors, who all bring a unique approach and energy to their classes. Whether you want a vigorous power yoga practice or a more individualized mysore practice, our teachers are able to tailor a practice to you – offering guidance that is gentle and instructive, never high-pressure. Our yoga instructors include members of the community, with hundreds of hours in training and experience working with yogis of all shapes and sizes. Read their biographies below and learn how our yoga teachers can help you grow in your practice without restrictions.

  • Toure` Akela

    Touré, is an 20-year student of yoga and the Founder of  SWAY Energy Center.  In 2016, she began to deepen her personal studies with a concentrated emphasis in Hatha Yoga and the power of the breath.  Certified in 2017 as a Yoga Faith.

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  • Nikhol Jackson

    For 16 years Nikhol has served Metro Atlanta and surrounding communities as a Counselor, Life Coach and Image Consultant. She began her personal yoga journey while rehabbing a leg injury in 2019. Over the course of the past 4 years Nikhol developed a.

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  • Anna Newbury

    Anna Newbury is a certified yoga teacher and bodywork practitioner. She utilizes Thai Bodywork techniques, BodyDynamics, somatic practices, and mayofascia release work as tools to promote release, healing and restoration of the body, mind and spirit. As a teacher, her practices utilize Vinyasa, or.

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  • Kashmere Siedah

    My yoga practice began in 2016 when I was going through a rough patch and a friend suggested I try yoga to ease my heart and mind. It didn’t take long for the practice to shift my inner world. The classes that resonated with.

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  • Ebony McClellan Medina

    Ebony McClellan Medina RYT 500, MBSR, Energy Work A Consciousness &  Human Potential facilitator and the founder of a 501c3 with a mission to spread Yoga and Mindfulness to minority communities.   In 2024 I will be completing my clinicals for a master's degree.

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  • Keith Bussey

    Keith is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor with a passion for guiding and assisting others to achieve their goals. He walked into the studio one day and decided to stay. He is a life coach and incorporates his yoga practice into helping.

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  • Kevion Devante`

    Kevion Devanté, is a multidisciplinary artist and pioneer of the soul born & raised in the Mississippi Delta. He is “InnerG” in motion & his presence has its own kind of sound. He is skilled in the areas of biological sciences, media/photography, modeling,.

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