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Holistic Services offered by Southwest Atlanta Yoga

Reiki Therapy | Crystal Therapy | Sound Healing

What is Reiki Treatment?

Whether through attending yoga classes or an occasional course in meditation, if you have participated in any Eastern-inspired personal growth activities, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the term reiki. Loosely explained, reiki treatment is a healing modality that aims to bring both physical and mental improvement by influencing our individual energy fields. But just what is reiki exactly and what are the specific benefits? Keep reading to learn more about this Eastern energy healing technique that’s enjoying a surge in popularity.

Understanding Reiki

Simply put, reiki is a hands-on, alternative medicine method in which a practitioner transfers positive energy to another person using sweeping movement of their palms. Created in Japan in the early 20th century, reiki works on the premise that we all have a “qi” – a universal life force that can be gently manipulated to treat different conditions. Reiki practitioners believe that if this life force energy is low or otherwise out of wack, stress or even physical illness can result.

What Are the Benefits of Reiki Treatment? 

Reiki is not a traditional medical practice, with numbers and data proving its success. Rather, the effectiveness of reiki treatment is evidenced in how people feel afterwards. While reiki has been associated with improving everything from arthritis to insomnia, those who have benefited from reiki most commonly credit it with improving stress, depression, anxiety and other mental disease. Because it is a non-intrusive method, reiki can be appropriate for just about any condition.

What to Expect During Reiki Treatment

Reiki is an incredibly simple and peaceful practice. Sessions usually run up to 90 minutes. Your reiki practitioner will likely ask you to lay down, fully clothed, on a massage table or other flat surface. Next, your reiki practitioner will slowly run their hands the entire length of your body, with focus on areas where they sense particular problems. Reiki sessions are often supplemented with calming, ambient music and may incorporate essential oils or crystals to

What is Crystal Therapy? Crystals for Health

With their vibrant colors, striking angles and overall beauty, it’s no wonder why crystals have long captivated us. But crystals can have value beyond just jewelry or household decoration. Crystal healing therapy is the ancient practice of using these earth stones to build personal energy, boost mood or even improve health. Want to know more? Keep reading to get the low down on this new-age method.

What is Crystal Healing Therapy?

Crystals have long been valued as conduits for healing; ancient Egyptians wore lapis lazuli, carnelian and other crystals to promote well-being and health. Nowadays, crystal therapy has emerged as an alternative healing modality based in these ancient beliefs. Crystal healing therapy is rooted in the theory that crystals can interact with the body’s energy field, recalibrating and even absorbing negative energy. In crystal therapy, crystals are placed on or around key areas of the body to create different energetic effects.

Can I Use Crystal Therapy By Myself?

One of the great things about crystals is that their energy is free for the taking. That means that you need no particular training to harness their benefits. Simply learn about the types of crystals believed to align with your needs, pick up a few and experiment with how you can tap their energy. Put them in a window sill, under your pillow, even in your pocket to feel benefits. Small crystals are relatively inexpensive and easy to use at home or even on the go.

Where Can I Get Crystals?

As crystal therapy has exploded in popularity, so has the demand for crystals. There are numerous shops around Atlanta selling things like quartz, amethyst, citrine and more. You may also want to try one of the quarterly gem shows that are common throughout the region. Yoga studios like Southwest Atlanta Yoga offer another means of finding the perfect stones. You’ll find gorgeous stones dotting shelves and filling baskets around our cozy studio. Not only do they infuse our classes with good vibrations, they’re for sale! Visit us today to browse our stones and find the perfect one for your personal crystal healing therapy.

What is Sound Healing?

If you’ve ever experienced profound emotions from the gurgle of the ocean, the wind in the trees or just your favorite song, you can attest to the power of sound. But more and more people are discovering that music does more than sooth – it can bring inner healing. Sound healing uses various instruments to generate vibrations that some believe can improve everything from anxiety to insomnia. It’s based on the notion of the body as a conduit for sound. Keep reading to learn how sound healing works and what it can do for you.

The Meaning of Sound Healing

Sound healing is a method that uses the vibrations of various instruments to bring about calm and energetic balancing. Vibrational waves are thought to have positive impacts on human bones, the circulatory system and the energetic field, or “chakra system.” Far from new, healing with sound is a modality that dates back as far as ancient Greece. There, practitioners used vocal and instrumental sound to treat mental disorders. Modern sound therapy can incorporate a variety of instruments, from rattles and bells to rain sticks or even the human voice. Some of the most common instruments used in sound healing include:

  • Tibetan singing bowls/crystal bowls – Metal or glass bowls that emit a deep, mellowing sound when rhythmically played with mallets
  • Tuning forks – Specially calibrated, vibrating forks believed to release tension when applied to different parts of the body
  • Gongs – Flattened, metal sheaths which, when hit with a striker, are believed to have powerful effects on the energy field of the listener.

What to Expect in a Sound Healing Session

There’s no one-size fits all for sound healing therapy and there are various ways to use sound in healing. One common option is a sound bath session – a sort of mini-orchestra of vibrational instruments played at once to overwhelm the senses with peace and positive energy. Other methods may involve placing singing bowls or tuning forks at specific places on the body to stimulate chakras associated with specific ailments. Still other sound healing sessions may combine meditation with instruments to treat conditions like stress and anxiety. In general, expect to be in a seated or lying position while sound vibrations are applied directly or indirectly at tones specifically associated with healing.

Is Sound Healing for Me?

Sound healing is a gentle, non-invasive and soothing practice that’s appropriate for people of all ages. At the very least, listeners leave a sound healing session feeling deeply relaxed and recharged. For many, that translates to gradual improvement of such conditions as high blood pressure and poor circulation. Because it’s non-invasive, sound healing is an excellent adjunct to western medicine. Combine it with your traditional treatments to enhance your physical healing with spiritual growth.

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