Toure` Akela

Touré, is an 18-year student of yoga and the Founder of  SWAY Energy Center.  In 2016, she began to deepen her personal studies with a concentrated emphasis in Hatha Yoga and Spiritual Truth.  Certified in 2017 as a Yoga Faith Master Teacher, in five years, she has taught over 2,700 hours of yoga classes, and teacher trainings.  She holds the credential and distinction of an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT®500, through Yoga Alliance.  Touré has worked endlessly since October 2019 to establish, formulate, and set the standard for the first and only Metaphysical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program in Atlanta, and likely one of few in the country.  In less than three years she has hosted four Yoga Alliance approved eight-months 200-hour Metaphysical Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Ordained and recognized by the International Metaphysical Ministry, Touré holds a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science and continues to expand her connection to The Infinite Mind of God through mystical meditation, metaphysical studies, and the practical application of the science.   She is a second-generation truth-teller, clairvoyant, medicine-woman, and Metaphysician by way of a notable Georgia psychic-medium.  Her legacy as the Founder of Southwest Atlanta Yoga – Energy Center – is to aid, teach, and support students and spiritual aspirants seeking the true spiritual connection between God and man.  As a Metaphysician, Touré does this work from a clear and sound foundation of recognized and historic literature specific to Christian Mysticism and early esoteric teachings in spirituality.

With a great sense of humility for Hatha Yoga, Touré aids others in the Art of Mastering Thy Self through this science, combined with yoga philosophy, and highly evolved esoteric literature.  Touré is the premier resource for aspirants truly seeking to restore their identity, reclaim their purpose, encountering their renewal back into The Infinite Mind of God, by doing the work!

At the foundation of her yoga, she is firmly anchored in her faith as a Christian Mystic; her yoga allows her to “be faith in action.”  As a faith-based yoga practitioner, students seeking alternative modalities unique to the yoga lifestyle frequently seek Touré as the trusted source for information supported by documentation, for clear unbiased discussion into the esoteric realms of Christ, or white-light Actualization.  As the curator of Shamanic Sunday Service ™  she offers holistic healing services in various locations throughout the southeast.  Working shamelessly as a Christian Intercessor and Shaman, her clients receive immediate aid, restoration, and relief that extends itself well beyond any traditional reiki services.

Living as an Embodied Truth-teller, Metaphysician, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and Hatha Yogini her duty is to guide and aid others seeking yoga or energetic restoration as a method to awaken, balance, and sustain one’s emotional and spiritual Self.  Her personal goal is  “with clear intention to allow the Power of the Universal God Mind to Be The Light of  Yoga and  The Force of Hatha to be used as a means to purify and expand ANY aspirant seeking to live a more fulfilled life – rooted in an unshakable foundation of Oneness with The Absolute – this is metaphysics.  More clearly defined Metaphysical Hatha Yoga.”

“Our purpose is to remember the plight of our Eternal Soul; and while doing so live in eternal joy amongst the pain and suffering that comes with Nature.  Our duty is – Love and Wisdom.”     –  Rev. Touré Akela Ra, B.Msc. E-RYT®500