Toure` Akela

Touré, is an 20-year student of yoga and the Founder of  SWAY Energy Center.  In 2016, she began to deepen her personal studies with a concentrated emphasis in Hatha Yoga and the power of the breath.  Certified in 2017 as a Yoga Faith Master Teacher, in five years, she has taught over 3,050 hours of yoga classes, and Yoga Alliance approved teacher trainings certifying many of Atlanta’s newest top tier yoga teachers.  She holds the credential and distinction as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT®500, through Yoga Alliance.

Touré has worked endlessly since October 2019 to establish, formulate, and set the standard for the first and only Metaphysical Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program in Atlanta, and likely one of few in the country.  In less than four years she has hosted six our Yoga Alliance approved eight-months 200-hour Metaphysical Hatha Yoga Teacher Trainings and completed the first year long 300 hour SolRAPrana™ Metaphysical Hatha Yoga training, unique to the SWAY Energy Center system in 2023.

She continues to be a strong agent of change! She is the mother to a junior in college, works with oncology data, and is an Army Veteran who’s life was transformed due to the healing science of yoga!  This is where her enthusiasm for life prevails and her desire to share the gift of yoga takes over!




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