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A Yoga Alliance Approved 200-Hour Teacher Training Program
Southwest Atlanta Yoga

Affordable Yoga
Teacher Training in Atlanta

Southwest Atlanta Yoga provides a program that is geared for students seeking a higher interest metaphysical exploration of Hatha yoga. We are humbled you have considered being a part of this new journey as share and explore Hatha yoga while preparing the student to become leaders from within through self-realization. 

Our 200-hour training is Yoga Alliance Approved. Meeting industry standards and requirements it is designed to prepare students to safely instruct yoga in all settings.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Method

Created in accordance with all requirements from Yoga Alliance, our Hatha and ashtanga-influenced yoga teacher training include topics on: 

  1. Breathing Techniques / Pranayama

  2. Anatomy of the human body

  3. Functional Movement & Natural Range of Motion

  4. Deep dives into all asanas individually to break down alignment and proper technique.

  5. Transitions / Sequencing

  6. Voice, cadence & Sankrit

  7. Creating a safe environment for your students (will include but not limited to working with subtle energies, diving deep into personal energy management.)

  8. Working with beginners vs.open level

  9. Injury prevention and understanding the basics of working with special populations

  10. Assisting and adjustments (verbal and hands-on)

And much more. Additionally, students will get live, hands-on experience teaching yoga classes. Expect to leave this yoga teacher training course prepared to instruct in a private or public setting.

What You Will Gain

At Southwest Atlanta Yoga, we believe yoga teacher training is about more than simply memorizing asanas. We aim to transform our students into yogic and spiritual leaders, helping them: 

  • Get in touch with what inspires and moves the individual physically, spiritually and emotionally

  •  Re-awaken the soul with a sense of identity and divine capability

  • Stand in their confidence and authentic voice 

Using our three-pronged philosophical approach, we create teachers with newfound strengths that can help on the mat and off.

Affording Yoga Teacher Training

At Southwest Atlanta Yoga, we feel cost should never stop someone from growing in yoga. We offer yoga teacher instruction at reasonable rates that keep this sacred training available to the community at large. We offer early-bird registration discounts as well as payment plans to keep yoga teacher training within your budget. 

Check back December 2020 for more details. 

Payments will be automatically charged to your credit card on the first of every month during the duration of teacher training unless you have made other arrangements. Any declined credit card transactions will be charged an additional $25 late fee. Southwest Atlanta Yoga requires a financial contract to be signed for any student that will utilize our payment plan. You will be asked to provide your credit card information for billing, social security number and sign the form stating that you understand the financial contract’s terms and conditions.
We ask for a social security number in case there are any collection issues.
Southwest Atlanta Yoga requires a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. You can get a refund of funds paid minus the non-refundable $500 deposit if you cancel no later than February 7th, 2020. Any cancellation on or after February 8th, 2020 you forfeit any reimbursement. Funds paid toward teacher training are non-transferable. If you are unable to complete teacher training and are on the payment plan, you will be charged the lump sum balance of the amount still owed. You will still be responsible to pay Southwest Atlanta Yoga for the full tuition. We also require any materials provided to you be returned back.